Becoming a successful Account Executive in and advertising agency.
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Becoming a successful Account Executive in and advertising agency.

Modern day advertising has new tools and metrics to define success. Your employer (the agency) needs profit from you that is why they pay you.  So, to be successful the most important mantra for you is to remember: “No matter how social it becomes, never forget that its business”.

  1. An account executive represents client to the agency and the agency to the client. Your present clients are the best source of new business make them friends and win business.
  2. To stay in complete control of your account, make the clients feel you are indispensable and essential for their advertising campaigns. They should think about you every time they are making a decision avide bout their strategy.
  3. Do not be ductile, subservient and be firm when you are correct. Suggest new ideas and options rather than just take instructions from the client.
  4. Listen to the client, and answer their questions. Take care of things that are chore to him. Anticipate problems, try to address them before clients begin to think about them. In short, always stay ahead of the client.
  5. Develop the conference notes, the list should have action to be taken and who is assigned for each action in the agency. Mties ake the assigned person responsible and accountable.
  6. Track your client activities, meet people who use their product. Let clients also know what their competitor is doing.
  7. Don’t make client stretch their budget. Any shortfall in the objective of the campaign will have negative impact of this.
  8. Make proofreading a must for every proposal and material that’s released.
  9. Plan resources strategically to beat deadline even if it is required to go out of the way.
  10. Provide best advertising services by keeping in steps with the client.